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USA Flag Bill HR 4137

The Make American Flags In America Act
Call on Congress to Support the Bipartisan Bill:  H.R. 4137
Saratoga Flag Company is excited to announce that New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has introduced Bipartisan Flag Legislation, H.R. 4137, "The Make American Flags in America Act of 2023."
     The Make American Flags in America Act of 2023, (H.R. 4137), is a bipartisan and bicameral bill, requiring American flags displayed on federal property or procured by federal agencies to be manufactured completely in the United States from American materials.

     The online marketplace has created an arena where many consumers are deceived and fall victim to the illegal tactics of foreign manufacturers selling and distributing counterfeit “American” flags online.

     This legislation addresses this problem and requires the Federal Trade Commission to conduct a study on the enforcement and violations of country-of-origin labeling requirements for American flags sold in the U.S. to ensure integrity of American-made products for consumers.

       The Make American Flags in America Act is proudly endorsed by The National Independent Flag Dealers Association and The Flag Manufacturers Association of America.

 Click HERE to Watch Saratoga Flag's Grass Roots Video Promoting H.R. 4137.

NY Congresswoman Stefanik's Press Release (June 14, 2023):

Speaker of the House, Congressman Mike Johnson's Press Release (June 14, 2023):

Ohio Congressman Troy Balderson's Press Release, June 14, 2023:

Read the Text of Bill H.R. 4137: 

TRACK BILL H.R. 4137 on Congress.GOV

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to Support The Make American Flags in America Act

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